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1 Pcs Infrared forehead temperature gun +  50 Pcs Disposable KN95 MASKS

1 Pcs Infrared forehead temperature gun + 50 Pcs Disposable KN95 MASKS Item NO.: HSF-001

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US$ 279.99

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Product Name 1 Pcs Infrared forehead temperature gun + 50 Pcs Disposable KN95 MASKS
Item NO. HSF-001
Weight 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
Category Protective equipment > Combined Procurements & Temperature Measurements
Brand Ishopzone
Creation Time 2020-02-08

Measuring Type:Non-contact

Effective Distance:2cm~5cm

Temperature Range:+0.3°C/0.5°F

Min Value:0.19C/F

Response Time:0.5s

Induction Wavelength:7-14um

Optimum Working:10°C~40°C (89.6°F~113°F)

Environment:<80%RH Non-Freezing

Power Consumption:Power OFFS10uA, Power ONs30mA

Low Power indication:Voltages2.5V

Battery Life(Alkaline):10hours

Back Light:Green, Yellow, Red


Auto Power off Time:15s

Storage Environment:-20°C~60°C, 10-95%RH, Non-Freezing

Power Supply:2x1.5V AAA( no include)

Size:6.93 in * 4.19 in * 1.91 in

Packaging includes: CE, FCC, ROHS certified infrared forehead temperature gun + detailed instructions + 50pcs KN95 masks
The KN95 mask uses a 4-Layer design High-density non-woven fabric-nano filtration-KN95 filtration-high-breathable non-woven fabric, the KN95 Safety Mask can protect you from dust, car exhaust, pollen, etc
The reusable infrared forehead temperature gun uses two AAA batteries, the packaging does not contain batteries



I bought it once and found it very good. It fits my face well and I bought two more boxes.



Very easy to use, very convenient, accurate temperature measurement, good mask roots, no odor, good breathability, and good fabric! The owner is also very satisfied. Recommend everyone to buy!



The delivery is very fast, the temperature gun has been received, it is very easy to use, it is also very convenient to use, the temperature measurement is also accurate, very satisfied!



The thermometer is sensitive, easy to use, and the appearance is beautiful. The mask is really good, the size is suitable, the multi-layer protection can effectively isolate the role of foreign objects, and the breathability is not bad. It does not hold your breath at all. The price is also suitable and worth buying.



These masks and thermometers have solved my urgent need and fully reflected their value.



The electronic infrared thermometer is very convenient to use, and its appearance is lovely and beautiful. You can always monitor your baby's health in the future. Logistics companies are very powerful.



The thermometer has been received, very beautiful baby, try it out, the sensitivity is very good, value for money, a satisfactory shopping.



Personally think it is very good, measure it quickly and just click on it! Now that it's cold, children with headaches and brain fever are not afraid to take their temperature!
The quality of the mask should be good, the packaging is intact, and each is individually packaged to reduce secondary pollution. The child will start school immediately. This is for the child. The protective design of the sponge strip under the metal bead is in place. Because of the long-term wear of the friction nose bridge, the price of the mask is also within the acceptable range, very good.



I received a Kn95 mask today. The mask is well-made and the positive seal of the material is suitable for me. The ear thermometer is exquisite in appearance, easy to measure, and accurate. It is recommended to buy.



Very easy to use, very convenient. It is most convenient to use when the baby has a fever. The mercury thermometer needs to be measured for a long time every time. I will use the amount of mercury once, and then repeatedly use the forehead gun to confirm!



I received a Kn95 mask today. The mask is well-made and the positive seal of the material is suitable for me. Good quality, suitable size, cheap and affordable, praise.



The masks are of good quality, comfortable to wear, and worth buying. Those who need them should buy them quickly, and they will continue to buy them next time.



This infrared thermometer is easier to use than those bargains, the measured data is very accurate, worth the price



I need to buy this thermometer because of the epidemic situation, I am very very satisfied.



I bought it for epidemic prevention and it feels very easy to use, and the measurement is relatively accurate. Praise! !



The thermometer is accurate, shorter than the mercury thermometer, it is very convenient, and it is not afraid of the child breaking.



The delivery speed is very fast, the temperature measuring gun did not disappoint me, the mask material is very good, the protection effect is good, thick enough, the protection effect should be worthy, it is worth buying.



This is a good KN95 mask, the thermometer works very well and is easy to use. In short, the quality of these products is satisfactory to me, the only regret is that the logistics are a bit slow, after all, the current global logistics efficiency is not high.



The electronic thermometer is of good quality, and it is really easy to use. The seller's service is also good. In short, it is a satisfactory shopping experience.



The Forehead Gun is small and portable, it is really great, I like it very much, thanks to the seller.