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Bluetooth selfie stick integrated selfie artifact mobile phone universal video live tripod selfie stick

Bluetooth selfie stick integrated selfie artifact mobile phone universal video live tripod selfie stick Item NO.: HSF-190

US$ 20.99
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Product Name Bluetooth selfie stick integrated selfie artifact mobile phone universal video live tripod selfie stick
Item NO. HSF-190
Weight 0.2 kg = 0.4409 lb = 7.0548 oz
Category Household items > Daily supplies
Brand Ishopzone
Creation Time 2019-12-12

⭐ [Wireless Selfie Stick with Detachable Bluetooth Remote] - ATUMTEK 3 in 1 selfie stick with tripod stand and built-in Bluetooth remote (33ft max remote distance) makes it easier to take selfie-photography or record videos for parties, travel and online live show. Multi-functions integrated into one small selfie stick, small but not simple.
⭐ [Lightweight & Strong Aluminum Alloy Arm with Stable Tripod Stand] - Made of aviation grade aluminium alloy, the ATUMTEK selfie stick pole is quite light and extremely strong to hold the phone when you take pictures or videos. Equipped with soft silicone foot pat, the stable tripod stand becomes non-sliding on a flat surface.
⭐ [Rotatable Phone Holder & Adjustable Angle] - ATUMTEK wireless Bluetooth selfie stick tripod enables adjustable 90° rotation bracket and 360° rotatable phone holder. With built-in Bluetooth remote, you can always find your best photo angle freely!

⭐ [Extendable & Foldable Mini Magic Selfie Stick] - Folded only 7.2in long, it is quite convenient for you to put the Bluetooth selfie stick tripod into a pocket, travel bag. Easy to carry out and use it whenever you need.



Used this selfie stick on my recent trip to China. Attached iPhone 11 to it and shot pics all day long. Battery life of bluetooth remote excellent, never ran out of power with recharging it daily. Held iPhone 11 very securely, never had it slip out. Tripod feature worked well. The combination of the Atumtek Bluetooth stick and my iphone essentially replaced my need for a DSLR Canon 70D. Worked well in movie as well as still and panoramic modes.



Really nice selfie stick. Haven’t really used them before. Bought this to use at Hershey Park. It was simple to sync up with my iPhone X. Had the stick in my pocket and got off a ride. The stick fell out and the remote pop out, never to be seen again. So, I would suggest putting a piece of tape over the remote if you aren’t going to be removing it often. At least that’s what I am going to do on the new one I ordered.
Did notice that this stick can’t be used for a camera as the phone holder doesn’t come off for a screw mount. If you don’t need one for a camera then this is perfect.



Im surprise and more than i expect. Good quality easy to connect the bluetooth. Excellent design, very small but can . be pull to make it longer, as described can be use as selfie stick because it is light and sturdy. It can also use as tripod and very stable in the ground. You might want to think twice though if you have those big phone like the iphone max. The holder is a little bit tight. When not in use it is very small and easy to put it in your packet. Good buy.



I bought it to take group photos and it serves its purpose well. I can set it up as a tripod, walk away and use the remote to take a photo.
I love the fact that I can simply put it in my pocket due to how light it is. The build quality is excellent and it has a sturdy, rigid feel.
All-in-all, I'm verry happy with this purchase and hope that it will be as good down the road as it is right now.



This small, sturdy, compact, lightweight selfie stick is just amazing. It's about the size of a handheld microphone that does so much and will stay together, safely, in my handbag. I love the remote button that pairs easily with my cellphone. The stick extends easily. When mounted, the phone can be set in every direction from vertical to horizontal (as long as it's connected to the attachment so the phone clears the swivel point). When the stick is fully extended, the swivel head can also be angled toward me and my friends. The only thing I found a little tricky was figuring out how to open the tripod. Once I realized the extension stick needed to be pulled out a bit and the legs separated all at the same time, everything worked perfectly. I would definitely recommend this selfie stick to anyone.



Very we’ll make and I like the idea of a Selfie and a tripod in one compact container. Also loved the idea of remote camera picture taking via Bluetooth. I had trouble however with the battery not taking a charge after the first time. The red light went out and the green one never came on indication full charge. I contact the company via email and they work with me directly. Within a few days they just didn’t just send me a battery replacement (see picture) but a completely new unit. I have them a 5 star because they definitely Stand behind their product. Would buy again and I recommend this product to anyone that needs a selfie stick with the addition of a tripod.



This stick is super high quality compared to those you buy at convenient stores stores while your on vacation. The telescoping portion is metal with plastic guide rings for each section so the movement is nice and smooth. It is about the same length of the average stick so it takes pictures at the right distance like it should. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and has a removable button which allows you to set up the tripod and take group pictures if you like with no problem. The tripod itself is plenty wide to hold itself with confidence. Nothing about this selfie stick seems low quality or that any corners were cut. Definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a selfie stick that is more than a one trick pony.



This is my first selfie stick and I have good impression with this one. It's small enough to stay in my purse or my hubby's back pocket. It's light weight and pretty easy to use.



I like the integrated tripod and the detachable remote control. This makes this device much more useful than a plain selfie stick. Securing the phone to it is not the easiest I have seen (it is a 2 handed operation) but it works and I can't imagine the phone falling off as long as it is installed correctly. Finally, the stick folds completely taking much less space in a bag or puse than most others I have seen.



The bluetooth remote is much easier to use and the battery is a standard type, easily changed. I use it mainly as a camera support/ tripod. Sturdy, well made, light and compact.



Holds my phone perfectly. I entered a selfie contest for a work event and had no way of taking selfies at a distance. This selfie stick shipped quickly so I could participate! It worked perfectly. It is designed to be compact and light weight. Easy to carry for travel, hiking and walking. Phone holder is adjustable and easy snaps quickly into place. This product shipped quickly and arrived as expected.