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Chest Expander Spring Muscle Puller-Rally Chest Expander Fitness Equipment Home Multi-Function Arm Tension Rope

Chest Expander Spring Muscle Puller-Rally Chest Expander Fitness Equipment Home Multi-Function Arm Tension Rope Item NO.: Chest Expander001

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US$ 34.99

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Product Name Chest Expander Spring Muscle Puller-Rally Chest Expander Fitness Equipment Home Multi-Function Arm Tension Rope
Item NO. Chest Expander001
Weight 0.5 kg = 1.1023 lb = 17.6370 oz
Category Sport & Fitness > Fitness
Brand Ishopzone
Creation Time 2019-12-16

Material: PP plastic + latex tube, the handle is made of high-strength PP plastic, sturdy and durable, thick high-strength elastic latex tube, it is not easy to break and deform after repeated stretching, surrounded by card slot wrapped latex tube, safe and not loose, three-dimensional anti-skid bag Glue handle for a comfortable grip.
Features: 5 resistance ropes, easy to disassemble, Non-slip handle.
Function/Function: It can help the chest muscles, back muscles, deltoid muscles, and oblique muscles to strengthen the muscles of the chest, back, waist and limbs, and shape the body.



This is tougher than it looks - gave my muscles a great workout the first time I used it (and I'm pretty strong) - and I think I discovered muscles I didn't know I had - I was sore! Love this old-fashioned workout tool!



I like the product except I haven’t had much time to use it. It seems sturdy, well built and it is a lot harder than it looks.



I purchased this as a gift. For most people, I would think the 100 lb version is sufficient.

When I received it, I could not pull it as it had ALL of the cables attached. Obviously when you start to use this chest expander, or any expander, it is wise to start with one cable and slowly over time, increase the number of cables.

This seemed like very good quality and it was very reasonably priced. Glad I purchased it as a gift.



I've known chest expanders existed since I was a kid. But I haven't seen one since maybe the '80s... when I was a kid. I'm fairly certain that with these and some fat gripz, you have a complete upper body work out. You don't need anything else. After I master these, I'll be moving on to rings. All great stuff to keep the equipment to an absolute minimum.
For the space savings and the cheap cost of this thing, it's totally worth the money. Take the plunge.



I first started with a spring device back 30 years ago, but they got over stretched. About 15-20 yr ago I jumped on my first multi rubber band per string, and them sucker lasted me to this time, though most of the strings have busted rubber bands within them. And so I had to get me another one of the kind, and I was right about this one. I don't lift weights much anymore, but this device - plus my bungee cord (curls, triceps, pull ins), and the total gym are my main work out, plus push-ups (sets: 75-50-35-25-15), and not bad for a 51 yr old dude. I am really looking after my health, cause I don't want to look like the typical Latino boy, American boy, Hell - Typical Human (too much sugar in this world). 5'10 - 185 lbs, with lots of injuries (torn right ACL, herniated disc from neck to lower lumbar, broken right clavicle bone, torn tendons, cracked ribs, and many more). So don't give up, and get off your ass, and do like 10+ miles on the stationary bike, or actual.



Good tool for simple chest training. It is easy and safe to move/install any of the 5 Natural Latex Tubes. I do not see it could train the back efficiently but it does stress the chest and triceps for me. Remember the old fashioned chest expander made of steel springs which is a pain for men who has less clothes in upper body. This latex material is very light and nonslip. Recommend it.



Just got it, so haven't used it for that long, but I can tell both the handles and the soft bands are sturdy. I got a twister bar earlier and I just assumed I'd need similar level of lbs. or resistance from this. Turns out 125 lbs. is quite a bit more than what I can do at this point. That said, I'd still recommend getting the highest level of resistance if you plan on using this long term.



This was recomended by a male friend of minr who loves to lift. He uses this for when he can't get to the gym. After using this I can really feel it in my back and my back and posture are always straighter. You can also use it for several other exercises too. Great little tool.



I bought this chest expander for my husband. He loves it, which is very easy to do the exercises.



Really great chest expanding workout, I just started out and had to take a few of the rings out and am now working towards using all 5 of the tension tubes. To be honest I think this is a great all in one work out tool to bulk up the upper buddy and there are tutorials online on the different kinds of exercises that can be done with this strength trainer.



The Toco Freido Chest Expander does just that.
It comes with 5 latex tubes, so you can remove the ones to get down to your size.
Being latex, when they break (as they will), they won't snap or otherwise cause much damage. And the Toco Freido is cheap enough that when you need to, you can replace them.



The part I love the most is its adjustable design. The tension can be adjusted by removing the strings, which enables me to use this tool to excercise different kinds of movements for different muscles.



So far it's great. It's easy to take the elastic bands out and put them back in. The handles are nice. It's everything I expected. But I've only had it for a short while, so I can't say anything about how long the elastic bands will hold up.



In preparation for the Bataan Memorial Death March I had some IT Band issues and left knee and hip problems. I used the band stretcher on my foot and did scissors and clamshell stretches and it provide just the right amount of resistance for a good stretch. Highly recommend.



It's great! The handle is comfortable to hold and the joint is firm. I can only use two lines now and try to practice to five. Come on!



This is a great product, I bought the 50 lb band. Soon I will be moving up to the hundred pound band, I get a great workout for my chest and my back and my arms, this is a great workout 15 minutes a day every day including push-ups, without having to lift weights! Try it you'll love it, and you will feel every stretch!!



This is truly an important asset to those who wish to either work daily with a simple routine or for those who seek a more driving impact towards their efforts to either grow or maintain a workout orogram. I am sorry I didn't previously have this Chest Expander in my repertoire as an aid in relaxing and expanding my exercising efforts.



Totally satisfied with this resistance exerciser. The padded hand grips are easy on my 72 y.o. hands, it's lighter then the old spring set I've owned for 50 years, and I'm using this system more often then I did my old set because of the hand comfort. I do recommend this product.



This product is simple, straightforward, easy to use, and quite effective. It's exactly what I was looking for, and completely met my expectations.



Arrived on time, and is easy to adjust (remove/add tubes).