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Disposable masks 100 disposable masks, respirable ear plugs respirators

Disposable masks 100 disposable masks, respirable ear plugs respirators Item NO.: HSF-162

US$ 36.89 ~ US$ 40.99
Quantity 50-200 201-500 501-10000
Discount 5% OFF 8% OFF 10% OFF
Price US$ 38.94 US$ 37.71 US$ 36.89

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Product Name Disposable masks 100 disposable masks, respirable ear plugs respirators
Item NO. HSF-162
Weight 0.36 kg = 0.7937 lb = 12.6986 oz
Category Protective equipment > Oral care
Brand Ishopzone
Creation Time 2020-01-16

Masks structure: two from outside surface layer in a layer of superfine.
Melt-blown non-woven filter paper, with aluminum strip, round rubber nose,folding
The respirator use: Permeability is good Don\'t boring Can achieve the effect of dust The bridge of the nose with aluminum strip can be fixed role.
Non-woven masks for one-time items, easy to use, and make relevant purification treatment,can be used for food. The Pharmaceutical, electronics,textiles. Clean room operators, also can be used to do everyday products.




The quality is very good, it is three-tiered, it is very comfortable to wear, the most important thing is that the price is right, the price is good and the price is worth buying.



Not bad, the price is fair, unlike some people say that there is smell, I will buy it again after use.



I just received the mask. Our family likes it very much. I will buy it at this store next time.



This shipment took a little bit longer (3 weeks) compared to my first order (1 week) and second order (2 weeks). The masks come without the boxes instead they are packed in the zip lock bag. The quality is totally different compared to the previous orders. They are very thin and I can feel the air can go inside my cheek.
I am very disappointed for ordering this time.



The quality is really good, the three-layer protection, the isolation effect is also good, everyone is asking, and I want to help buy it.






The packaging is clean and atmospheric, and the details of the outer bag are marked very carefully. The logistics is quite fast. The super conscience seller is very comfortable to wear and the packaging is very hygienic.



Tried the water, it does not leak, it is indeed three layers! Moderate thickness!



The color of the mask is pretty, there is no color difference, the quality is good, the price is cheap and affordable.



The quality is very good, exactly as described by the seller, very satisfied, really like it, completely exceed expectations, delivery speed is very fast, packaging is very careful and strict.



The mask is very easy to use. It is a three-layer filter non-woven fabric with fine workmanship. The packaging is also very attentive. It looks very reassuring and more comfortable to use.



The mask is received, it feels good quality, and the rope is quite strong



The mask was received. The quality is not bad, and it is breathable when taken out. During this epidemic, it is not easy to buy this kind of conscience mask. It is also very breathable to wear. There are three layers inside. It can play a good protective role. I am very satisfied with this time. Shopping experience, will come and buy again next time.



The product is very regular! The manufacturer, production address, contact phone number, shelf life and production date are clearly marked. The three-layer protection also has a clear material introduction. The price is reasonable and the logistics is fast! I'll be hoarding even more promotions, very satisfied! Friends have been recommended to buy.



I will continue to place orders at this store. Friends in need can really not hesitate. Everyone needs to be protected when they go out. The current epidemic situation, I hope that the epidemic situation will pass sooner, everyone is safe, must wear a mask when going out, everyone must persevere.



There are no leaks, the thick three-layer, full of security, the children go out and bring, the parents are also a lot of confidence! Children are willing to bring. It feels similar to the one in the pharmacy. The protective effect of the third layer is better than normal. It is very good to buy a good quality mask at this time.



The mask has no odor and good quality. Although it is not medical, it can play an effective protective role.



Very good, very good quality, good price.



The packaging can be sealed again, it is more hygienic and has a longer shelf life, and there is no falsification in quantity. It is very breathable and the material is very good. Although the epidemic is now basically controlled, for the sake of your health, do n’t remove the mask for the time being. Good.



I am very fortunate to be able to buy a mask. I bought it for myself and my wife. The mask is generally very good, with a moderate thickness and good breathability. It is okay to wear it when going out or working. I bought a copy and it was enough for a while. Continue to repurchase after it is used up!