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Dust Mask Reusable Activated Carbon Windproof Dustproof Masks with 6 Filters, Adjustable Breathable Sports Face Mask for Running Cycling Motorcycle Mowing Woodworking Outdoor Activities

Dust Mask Reusable Activated Carbon Windproof Dustproof Masks with 6 Filters, Adjustable Breathable Sports Face Mask for Running Cycling Motorcycle Mowing Woodworking Outdoor Activities Item NO.: hsf1511

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Product Name Dust Mask Reusable Activated Carbon Windproof Dustproof Masks with 6 Filters, Adjustable Breathable Sports Face Mask for Running Cycling Motorcycle Mowing Woodworking Outdoor Activities
Item NO. hsf1511
Weight 0.2 kg = 0.4409 lb = 7.0548 oz
Category Protective equipment > KN95 & Cotton Masks
Brand Ishopzone
Creation Time 2020-03-26

  • 【Professional Protection】Please confirm Sold by ISHOPZONE before purchasing. Featuring 5 layers of filter structure, the dust mask effectively filters out 95% of exhaust, dust, pollen, particles, smoke and fumes. It is suitable for mowing, running, cycling, skiing, hunting, travelling, climbing and other outdoor activities.
  • 【Easy Breathing】It has double breathable valves and mesh material design which increase comfortable , reduces heat and moisture in hot weather.
  • 【Replaceable Filters】The mesh and valves are washable when they get dirty. And you can easily change the filters cotton by yourself.
  • 【One Size Fits Most】With adjustable nose clip and velcro band, the face mask fits most adults. Velcro design can prevent the face mask from slipping and no need to constantly adjust the mask.

  • 【100% Satisfaction】All of us here strive to offer high-quality products and considerate customer service. If you have question, please feel free to contact us. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 



Functional and stylist mask. Easy to put on with Velcro. Fit on your face well and more importantly, you can actually breathe through it!



This would definitely be a good mask for dust, smoke etc. For Covid-19, well, its certainly better than nothing. What I mainly like about it is its washable. Technically, your not supposed to wash the filters, but, I haven't had any problems doing that. I just let them soak in low concentration bleach or laundry liquid, rinse them off and dry them out and its fine to reuse. If I was a medical worker, I'd want a N-99 mask and a face shield, but for low exposure environments, I think this mask is good enough - better than a disposable certainly.



I do Pyrography as a hobby and the mask helps to reduce inhaling smoke; fumes and dust when I am burning or sanding. It is extremely light weight and comfortable. I wear glasses and I find it sits snuggly over the arms and at the rear and does not interfere with my vision nor move the glasses on my nose. It fits well with safety goggles as well. These factors were important to me. Would highly recommend this product.



Definitely love my new mask! I’ve bought so many face masks since this pandemic.. I need to walk my dog outside twice a day so was looking for a mask that’s easy to breathe with. I love that this mask has a valve and several replaceable filters. A bit on the large side in terms of size



I liked this materials. nose holder is so nice also breathable material and soft by my cheek. So i would buy again cause my son too like it. Design is same pretty cool right ?



I received it a few days ago and am still testing it. I like that it comes with replaceable filters. it fits snugly to the face. and looks pretty stylish. looks like a big black beak)) but I like it



Cool style face mask and easy to breath, I don’t like the traditional face mask that looks ugly and sometimes hard to breath though it. I have been using n95 and now I am switching to this mask



I ordered this originally for my husband for the purpose of using it while he is mowing or doing handyman stuff. But I discovered I can use it as well for myself going out to places where masks are mandated due to the pandemic. I work in the healthcare field and had an ample supply of surgical masks that I can use. But after trying these out, I would rather wear them because I can breathe more freely due to the valves. They can be easily assembled and the mask adjustable for comfort. I just wish it did not protrude too much from my lower face, but then I guess that would defeat the purpose. I am also still breaking in the wire that conforms to the bridge of my nose, because at that point it feels a little uncomfortable. Overall, both hubby and I are happy with the purchase.



Works like most dust masks. Slightly fits different because i have a beard and because of that it sits higher on my face. Durable and filters are easy to change.



This is a really stylish mask that i ever had,very good quality .And the comfortable sports band is very helpful to prevent ear irritation since now we wear mask alot more then ever, It comes with five extra filters and very easy to change and clean.



Very comfortable, easy to wear. Great for outside activities. I use to work and definitely make a difference. Also, I like It because you can change filters. Easy to wash as well.



Very good, comfortable and safe. It arrived on time and well packed safely. It is very comfortable, my husband uses it and says he does not feel uncomfortable.



This fits amazingly well. I wear glasses and all masks that I have tried before this constantly fog up my glasses. This one does not! If you wear glasses, this mask is worth the price.



This is the best and most comfortable mask I have ever worn, I really like it! I will buy again if needed!



This is comfortable, sturdy mask which tends to draw a lot of attention due to the intense look but, I don't mind. I was having problems with masks rubbing the backs of my ears raw and occasionally fogging up my glasses but, I haven't experienced that with this mask. I've also used it on hike in Yosemite and it's pretty breathable. The filters are easy to change and have gone through a washing machine cycle without a problem. The velcro closure is easy to open; however, watch out for your hair getting caught up in it. I am quite satisfied with this mask.



I use this mask to workout and it does its job! It's good material and I use it for going out sometimes too! We are in the middle of the pandemic so might as well make the best use of it. The filters make a good touch as well.



Lightweight, forget that I have it on most of the time. Doesn't pull on/squish my nose. Easy to breathe in, doesn't feel suffocating.



I like that I can breathe easier with this masks compared to others i was using, but it’s still a little big. Not sure if these are really for women, if I push the nose to be secure, then under the chin Has an opening.



The mask is conveniently suitable for most face shapes, large or small, due to the velcro straps. To wear it, simply hook the straps over your ears like you would for any face mask and then attach the velcro pieces together for a snug fit. The pack also comes with a five extra filter changes for longer use. The adjustable nose piece also makes the mask easy to wear for a better fit.



I'm quite happy with the comfort and quality. I'm a big man, 6'3 290 with a head to match so the ear loops were only slightly tight until I wore it a couple of times (2hrs total) and now it's very comfortable. The wide neckstrap is very comfortable and secure. Temperature is lesser than my N95 which isn't unbearable, by any means. If my 3M N95 is a 6-7 out of 10 for thermal level, 10 being highest, I'd say this is a 4-5 on that scale. Just above a cotton cloth mask.