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Reusable mask, with 4 filter chips, the same level of protection as KN95 mask

Reusable mask, with 4 filter chips, the same level of protection as KN95 mask Item NO.: hsf6632

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US$ 28.99
1 mask+4 filter chips 12 filter chips

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Product Name Reusable mask, with 4 filter chips, the same level of protection as KN95 mask
Item NO. hsf6632
Weight 0.1 kg = 0.2205 lb = 3.5274 oz
Category Protective equipment > KN95 & Cotton Masks
Brand Ishopzone
Creation Time 2020-01-03

Material: composite sponge, meltblown cloth, non-woven cloth

Accessories: a mask and 4 KN95+ filter chips

Features: The mask can be washed and reused

Size: 6.5 inches long, 5.0 inches wide



Like them, good quality



I am in the Grocery Business and have to wear a Face Masks all day long. This Masks works great as it is super comfortable and way better to breathe in this vs. the other type of masks. I definitely recommend this over the standard face masks out there. You don't even realize you are wearing a masks as it fits well and having the strap in the back helps protect the ears from discomfort. This is the perfect masks for protecting you during these Uncertain Times !



They are such great masks. My glasses don't fog as bad with these



I've tried various cloth masks from reputable brands. This is by far the best one so far. The material is light and the fit is good. The construction of the mask is what makes it the best. The other masks suck in towards my face when I inhale. This one does not. ZERO feelings of suffocation. The mask remains in place and does not cave when I breathe. It may be a little pricer than some masks, but I think its worth if for the comfort. Nicely packaged also with extra band holders for the earpieces.



Not a bad fit, nice quality material. Purchased for my roommate who is a very small woman, and she needs to use a small clothespin under the chin to tighten these up a bit, but they fit me just fine, being a large guy at 6'4 .



Fits my husband. He wanted something that brings it close to his nose to prevent glasses from steaming up. Does a fairly good job of that. Hot to wear in the summer.



I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the masks. They are soft, black on the outside, white on the inside, and have a wire nose shaper. They do not have a way to insert a filter. I washed mine in a bra saver in the machine and they didn't shrink or suffer damage.



Masks are well made. Stitching and fabric appear to be of a professional quality. Have a nice, wide, flexible nose piece. It's not a twist-tie or paper clip. These were a bit tight on my 6' 195lb, big headed husband, but fit my normal size brother-in-law's head just fine.



Very Comfortable, Breathable and Fits great around the head !



Wow, my surprise! These masks are very beautiful in design and fit my face very well. People with big faces may not be suitable, this is my little suggestion.



The workmanship of these masks is very good, they are perfect, they look good when worn, even if they are a little expensive, I will buy them again.



Great masks, these masks make me different, I love them



This is the first time I have used this kind of mask. I think everything is fine and they fit my face. Their protective effect may not be as good as N95 masks, but they are completely fine to use in daily life. They don’t make me feel stuffy like N95



I received them after about thirteen days. The packaging was very tight and the quality of the masks was great.



Nice mask! Thick and passes the lighter test. Nicest mask I’ve gotten since before COVID ! I’m a nail tech so I use them often



The packaging is very beautiful, very convenient to wear, easy to carry, the color is also like, as described in the product



My favorite of all i have tried. I wear to work every day.



I use an isolation face mask all the time, working as a mold removal specialist. Like your brand.



very comfortable, doesn't hurt behind my ears and able to breathe comfortably with it on. No sweat either



Comfortable, durable, good filtration and timely delivery all checked!